Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Kids on the Block

There's a new bestseller at Lisa August, and I would say the first post Bellissima best seller for Lisa August.  It's our "honeycomb" AKA "clover" however you choose to describe it cuff and earrings.

I'm excited because these are the first samples I have made from scratch using our engraving machine program, without the help of my Uncle Mike, who was always the sample maker extraordinaire at Bellissima.  I'm even more proud of my little buddies for being so popular for this reason.

I made the clover earrings first from an existing die, I loved the shape and wanted to create a pattern within that shape.  I thought these earrings were the perfect size, because we have always been a little lacking in the smaller earring category.  These little earrings are 1 3/4" long, on the short side for us!

The clover earrings are available in the following colors (pictured left to right):
Black-Light Horn-Tokyo-Safari-Turquoise-Peach

Once the Clover Earring pattern came out so well, I wanted to come up with a bracelet using that same pattern, keeping with the daintier look, I decided to use our tapered cuff.  Again, on the small side for us, and the taper gives the bracelet so much comfort.  Once I added the cutout to it, it was even lighter and more comfortable.  I wore it the whole show season, and never remembered I had it on, except of course when I received compliments and people wanted to buy it. 

The clover cuff is available in the following colors (pictured left to right):
Tokyo-Light Horn-Turquoise-Black-Peach

Both styles can be purchased by our retailers @  If you haven't already created a wholesale account with us, it's easy.  Just click on 'My Account' and create an account. Email us at that you have done so, and we will make you a wholesale customer, and you will be able to view and purchase our entire current catalog of styles.

If you are not a retailer and would like to purchase these earrings and cuffs check out where we sell them in your area:

If you have any questions contact us @

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