Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer in the City

Well, we are really starting to get inundated with that unavoidable deep south heat and humidity we seem to always get in NYC, hundreds of miles north from the actual south.  As we get ready for our three day weekend celebrating our independence, I am happy to be finished up with my fall 2014 catalog.  Just as odd as it was to be excited about the spring line when it was a bitter 18 degrees out, it's strange to be thinking of fall all day when I'm ready to start crying like a small child because I can't be in a pool. 
Never the less I do love this fall line, I think it looks fresh and different, but there are still all of our signature pieces our fans love.  We are still also well-stocked with our spring/summer line, so whatever season you are feeling right now, we have you covered:

Feeling ready for fall already??  See the line first at Cornucopia Showroom in Atlanta.
The Atlanta Gift Show is already upon us!  The dates are July 8th through 15th, showroom 8S332 AmericasMart building 3.
As always we will be exhibiting at the Javits Center in NYC this August at both the ENK Accessories Circuit August 3-5th and the NYNOW show August 16-20th.

Still shopping for summer?  We are well stocked and still shipping immediates. so if you would like to order or replenish contact Claudia, who will definitely be able to help you!
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