Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Best Picks For Fall

Trade show season has come and gone, and it's time to recap what is selling best for us.  In case you did not make it to the shows, or you just need a little ordering guidance, this post may help you in your time of Lisa August need!
Of course some of our old standbys sold really well, like our tortoise hoops, cuffs and chain, but I would like to introduce you to a few new styles and colors that did really well too.

Our bestselling large filigree cuff is back, of course and it looks great in our Fall 14 jewel tones.  I'm especially loving it in our rich navy,  a great winter wrist staple.

Wine has sold nicely for us, and it's particularly nice in our bib chain, which also sells really well in tokyo, safari and navy.  This is a great staple.

Speaking of jewel-tones, I incorporated the navy and tortoise with wine, spice and forest I can't think of a better piece for fall, it can go with so many colors and silhouettes, and as always the necklace can be doubled.  A truly versatile piece!

 I went for the 'winter white' this season, as it was supposed to be popular and yes our pearl was popular at the shows.  The first few customers I saw asked if it was for Spring, and I said no, it's winter white.  Some people liked it and some didn't.  I thought, Oh no, what have I done!  But then a lot of people got behind it and loved it.  So, you can either love it or want it for later, I happen to love it, but you can decide for yourself!

Our new Geometric cuff was a hit!  Every year or so I like to come up with a new openwork tapered cuff the taper makes them so comfortable and the large design is always bold and fun.  I've been wearing one in pearl and spice already and love them both!

This is our clover cuff pictured in forest, it's a great new deep green color of ours, and the clover cuff has continued to be a great seller for us.  

These are one of our top selling earrings, they are big, lightweight and fun, especially when you want the hoop look without wearing the hoop.  We now have them in spice, and they look great!

This is a new multi-colored chain.  This combination is in Tokyo, Safari and Black.  These colors mix so nicely together.  They are rich and subdued and will go so well with so many winter staples.

This is our new bib necklace!  I love this piece, tortoise and crystal go so well together.  It's casual elegance at it's best, which really is a great way to describe any tortoise jewelry.

This is our cutout chain link neck.  I love the cutout links, it's unique and just adds a little whimsy.  I'm also loving the color combination of pearl, black, navy and tokyo.  This chain and the other two multi-colored chains in this post are all available in the three color combinations I've posted.  Good luck trying to make picks, they are all fun fall and winter combinations.
Last but not least is our 'dainty' earring.  We love this little earring, and apparently a lot of our customers did, it was one of our best-sellers.  Small styles are never our best sellers!  There is just something perfectly cute about it, I can't decide what color i want to make it in for myself.  I'll probably go with the tortoise or the pearl though.

I have a lot of our wholesale items up on the website, and soon I will have all of it up.  If you would like to view it on the site, please create and account and we will set you up as a wholesale client.  If you would like to receive a hardcopy or be emailed a current catalog, or you just would like to place an order, please email us at:

Happy Almost Fall!

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