Friday, February 27, 2015

Did You Know We Sell Eyeglass Chains?

We have been selling these functional but not farty eyeglass chains for years, but kind of only to our customers who knew about them.  Kind of like when you order off the menu in a restaurant.  I've decided it is time to start publicizing these little blessings for 'women of a certain age'.  When a buyer notices them at our shows she gets so excited, and usually exclaims how she has been looking for them for ages, or owns one but her friends all want one too and never knew where to get them.  It's nice to be needed, so it is time to go public with our Eyeglass chains!

My plans in the next month are to start really putting a lot of energy into updating some of our styles and adding color and other elements to the designs.

Some people sometimes balk at the price of our eyeglass chains, but these hand-made necessities are for the long haul, not an impromptu purchase because you left yours at home.  I know some women who have had their same chain for over ten years.  I'm not saying you have to wear the same eye chain for ten years, but you could is the point, and it'll always look good. 

Below are our current styles, soon to be joined with some new friends!

Soon this will be available to purchase wholesale for your company on our website.   If you have any questions or would like our line sheet to order these chains please email us at

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