Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fall is Gold and Grey

I've been working on Fall and Holiday's line, and I am loving it so far!

I brought back a gold we used back in the day as Bellissima.  I loved it then, and I love it even more now!  It looks so gorgeous and rich mixed with tortoise and black, I think everyone is going to love it!  It's glitzy but not over the top and can definitely be mixed in with other textures and jewelry.

Our other color that we had made for this season was what we are calling Grey Mist.  It's like a grey marble.  It's not totally opaque, and it has rich beautiful layers of all tones of grey.  Not 50 shades, but many shades, and more classy, hehe...

Some pics of our fall progress:
Our colors for fall from left: Black, Sangria, Grey Mist, Gold, Safari and Turquoise
Our newest color, Grey Mist arrives from Italy!!!

Our organic link chain gets a make-over: more links, three layers on grosgrain.  We love it!

Another layered neck in gold, black and tortoise: I love this combo!!!

Just love it!

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