Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Almost Lisa AUGUST time!

So, it's been a long month of delays and red tape, what have you.  We find ourselves entering August still in our former Bellissima space but the closing is in sight.  Also in sight are our first two trade shows, the big Lisa August premiere!  We set up for the ENK show this Friday, August 2nd.  Pretty hard to believe, but looking very much forward to it! Then we do it all over again for the Gift Show, new name: NY NOW, apparently.  We'll be finishing up some last minute show preparations this week, but I must say, other than the fact that we haven't moved into our new space (a minor set-back-haha) we are all set for our big reveal-so come see us!

ENK Show Booth # 7502 with Yvette Fry Showroom
NY NOW: Personal Accessories Booth #: 8650
Both shows are at the Javits Center this summer.

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