Monday, July 1, 2013

Woodside! (before)

Finding our new place in Woodside was not easy.  When we began our search for a space, we wanted to be in either Woodside or Long Island City, an easy commute via mass transit for all of us.  We saw some crazy places, we saw some beautiful places, promises were made and broken, ridiculous 'Only in New York Real Estate' things happened, but in the end, we found our new home.

It's two floors, the first floor will be where our machinery and acetate storage will be, the second floor will be our assembly area, office/design studio and kitchen/dining (very important).
It was a BEAUTIFUL day when we saw it, and we were in love with it.  Whenever I've gone back to see it and measure it, etc., it's been pouring outside!  Here are some pics of Lisa August's space, it will look a lot different by the end of the month, and the suspense is killing me!

The Downstairs.  Where some of the magic will happen!

Upstairs, photo taken where the office and kitchen area will be, facing where our assembly/studio area will be

Our office and kitchen space

Our terrace, and a whole bunch of rain-this will be worked on!

Our little kitchen and terrace space!
So, this is really the before, but it has so much potential, and it's going to look great!

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