Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Open for Business!

Finally finally finally, we have our retail and wholesale stores up and running at

I was beginning to think it was never going to happen, but it has happened, and I know how to add products, woohoo!  So I have styles to sell as retail, to our beloved fans, and styles to sell as wholesale to our loyal boutique owners.  I also plan on adding eye glass chains and one of a kind pieces to the retail site, with an option for our wholesalers to buy both types of items. 

If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler, you need to set up an account, like anyone else, and then email us, and we will give you wholesale accessibility.  Email us at :

Some of my favorite featured items:

 I love our beveled bangles, I love keep it simple with just one or stack them up with the other bangles in my arsenal. 
 These are our biggest filigree earrings, a fun statement, especially in our emerald green color!
 I love our 'pagoda' earring.  It's long and kind of streamlined, it has a great swing, and they're still lightweight!  These look great both in neutral and bright colors.
 Our buckle cuff, a signature look, is perfect in Green Horn, a tres chic classic color!
 I love our filigree cuff, I love our lapis, no bracelet will ever go better with jeans than this one!  Sorry, but this is only available to our wholesale customers at the moment.
 Our cabochon stud earrings are really starting to take off.  Maybe they aren't as statement making as our other earrings, but sometimes you need a good stud earring, also available to our wholesale customers for the time being.
 Our multi-link chain our longest statement making chain, and I particularly love it mixed with tortoise, black and our safari finish.  Available to our wholesale customers only.
Finally there's our triangle bib chain, probably my favorite design from this season.  It's 'edgy' looking, but still very comfortable, I was so happy it laid right when I tried it on after I made it!  Available to our wholesale customers only!

Happy Shopping!

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