Friday, August 2, 2013

Lisa August Necklaces 2013

Finishing up my trio of posts about Lisa August's fall line are our necklaces.  Our chain necks are very popular,  because they are bold statement pieces that don't weigh you down.  The Italian acetate that we use to make our chain is highly durable yet lightweight, so you don't get that clunky feeling you find with most statement necks.

Our Bib Neck is our popular flat-link chain doubled and hung on grosgrain ribbon.  It's available in this great mod Zebra pattern, tokyo, jade, peacock and safari

Our Graduated Oval Chain was brought back into the line because it still sells very well, even when not in the line, I decided to stop fighting it and let it back in! 

Our Multi-Colored long skinny chain is available in this striking 'deco' mix of graphic black and whites, black, tokyo and jade.  Our other combo is a neutral mix of tokyo, lapis, peacock, safari and gator. 

This is our long and skinny chain.  It can be worn long or doubled, this is a great go to chain!  Available in Lapis, safari, tokyo and jade.

This is our Beveled Bar neck, on threaded chain.  It's a simple statement, and we love it.  Available in tokyo and jade.
This is our beautiful Triangle Bib chain.  It lays very nicely on the neck, and it packs a punch!  Available in the combination shown, or in an equally beautiful black & white, jade and tokyo combination.

Our flat link chain is very popular, a favorite for many and a true classic.  Available in Tokyo, gator, lapis, tuxedo and safari

Our new Mixed Link Chain is long and unique.  It's available in solid tokyo or solid jade, and available in the following combinations: lapis, safari, peacock and black.

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