Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lisa's Parts Are Getting Packed Up

Upon my return to the factory after my week at the NYNOW Show(gift show), some of my things were packed up, because alas, while at the show the lawyers finally agreed on some closing dates, the end is sort of finally near, apparently.  After all this time spent waiting, and dates changing, I don't believe it's happening til it does in actuality happen.  But, yes, there are boxes that are (sort of creepily) labeled Lisa's parts, 2nd Floor.  Lisa's parts are, you may have guessed it, all my parts.  Parts that I've made over the years, and vintage parts like buttons, miscellaneous trim and samples.  These are the parts I plan on making some one of a kind pieces to sell on LisaAugust.com in the very near future. 
It's a mix of emotions seeing these boxes packed up.  I'm excited, nervous, sad, intrigued, the list goes on.  Little by little things are being thrown out, packed up, and we're all just trying to go with the flow.  This morning I decided to take a few pictures of some of the things we take with us.
Kind of a deal breaker, our acetate!!!
We have many skids filled with our material, should be quite interesting to get it all moved in
Box of Parts
Another of Many Boxes of Parts
You get the idea...
I'm looking forward to getting it all organized when we move in, so I can start playing with the parts and making up unique designs to sell to Lisa August fans.  It will happen....it will happen...it will happen....

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