Friday, September 6, 2013

Moving Out/Moving In

So, my brother got married last weekend, the old factory closed on Tuesday, and Lisa August HQ closed Wednesday, it's been quite the week.  I took the bus to the train on Wednesday morning, to meet with the inspector at the new building, and it kind of felt like the first day of school.  I took the train to Woodside Thursday morning, and again, the new commute was very invigorating!  I know one day this commute will get old, but I'm loving that I'm loving it right now!

My partner, Lenore (aka Mom) met me a little later and we spent our day letting people in to consult about the building. Plumbers, the movers, our electrician, the Verizon guy(who was NOT happy), our computer/security guy, someone to make us a gate, was quite the whirlwind.  In between all of this, I went shopping for cleaning supplies(twice) and found us our lunch, along with menus from our new neighborhood.

We feasted on some Columbian roasted chicken and an awesome avocado salad.  It hit the spot, and we worked it off by cleaning the bathrooms.  The movers and plumbers got a fairly decent amount done in the first day, so I felt pretty good about things.  It's definitely overwhelming and intense, and I'm just so intrigued to see everything in working order.  I'm happy Lenore and I got to spend the day together (and it was a beautiful day out too) it really felt like we are partners-and we are!

I'm here at the factory now, and I SHOULD be packing up my office, but I decided to take a little break and share...ok gonna go get dusty again!

I got in there and looked out on the terrace, what a gorgeous day!  And yes, that little speck of buildings in the distance is Manhattan! 

Claudia's desk was one of the few things brought upstairs yesterday, Lenore and I had our first "Meeting" there: lunch-it was productive.  I slipped the menus I collected into a drawer, a top priority to running a business.

All 9 (6 are shown in this pic) of our very important and very heavy tumblers were all put in yesterday, along with our compressor and the piping for the air.
Lenore and I put our feet up after a long day.  Feeling good! (and a little scared!)
Meanwhile, back at the old place...I've got to get a move on!!! (you should have seen it before!)

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