Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week One

This was the first real week of being here at Lisa August Headquarters.  Everything has been such a blur this month, and this was the first week we would be here, no moving, no trade shows, just work.  By Monday, our power was on and we were able to chop, bend, polish and tumble downstairs, which was such a relief.  When I locked up with Lenore on Monday night and we checked on the downstairs, she said, "What's that noise!?"  I was like, the tumblers.  It was a happy noise (although on most days, kind of an annoying sound).  These days haven't been like most days though.
These are the tumblers (I know it's a little dark, the electricians are on it) on video:

So the guys are doing a great job downstairs, and upstairs we've got the ladies getting the job done.  We've been able to engrave, drill, assemble chain, dip (for shine) bead, etc.  Everyday we have a little more set up, and next week the electricians will be giving us more much needed outlets and lighting.  Once that's done, things will be a lot more organized.  We use things as we need them, and so far it has been working out pretty well.

Then you have Lenore and Claudia, our office mavens, keeping everything in order, shipping our orders, and what not.  Guess what?  Our ?@#*%&$&-ing internet went out on Thursday!  Guess what?  That was the night my web developer was coming to meet with me!  Guess what?  Everything we do is done on the internet!  Our banking, shipping, billing, etc...So here we are, still having trouble getting our orders out (thank goodness for understanding customers!) and still no retail/wholesale on our website (I swear it's coming).

That takes me to today, Saturday morning, a friend of a friend of my Dad's who works for Verizon is here with me now, hopefully fixing the problem.  So here I am, back at Woodside, it feels like I live here now.  My apartment is kind of a mess, my poor cat Miko has had no litter (that's been remedied) and I can't even stay awake when my friends come over to watch Newsroom at 8 o'clock at night.  And I'm not that notorious friend who falls asleep during movies, I'm the one complaining when people fall asleep.  So, owning a business has been interesting.  I know things will calm down in another week or two, and we need to settle more and get into a routine.  Just taking it one day at a time.

Me, Claudia and Lenore stayed late last night, did a little work, drank some wine and had good Thai food, things are shaping up, getting a little more organized each day.
This was a fortune I got this week, and I just thought it was HILARIOUS:)
So, I will leave here in a bit, get myself some toilet paper (Miko wasn't the only forgotten one) and have my friends over for dinner tonight, because I like to keep the pressure on myself! Have a great weekend all!

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