Monday, September 30, 2013

Milan Fashion Week, Somewhat Bellissima

I was a little disappointed in Milan fashion week I must say, I usually find a lot of design inspiration when looking at these shows because the Italian designers accessorize with acetate a lot, but this season didn't seem too acetate heavy.  Things were a little over the top, and yes, it's Milan, I shouldn't be that surprised, but I just wasn't feeling it.  (this was also when the internet went out though...)

These were some looks that stood out for me:

 Bottega Veneta is good for beautiful clothes and accessories, and they did have both.  The clothes had beautiful folds and textures to them, and the accessories were simple yet bold, which I try to stick to when designing.  I'm into the circles on the bib neck.

I loved the accessories at Giorgio Armani, those Murano beads are beautiful, would love to make some chunky tortoise beaded necks for spring.  I also loved the idea of the two models coming down the runway with two similar complimentary looks.

 I was disappointed mostly with the Marni show, because I usually love everything about the clothes and accessories, and the jewelry is always very inspiring.  I can't get behind the visors, they bother me so much, I can't take them seriously.  I do like the earrings though.
The Gucci show was full of art nouveau/disco prints, while not very realistic, you've got to love it.

Gotta love Missoni.  Their color combinations and prints never get old, and are always exciting to see, as are their use of acetate.

I'll end it with Etro, and this isn't about inspiration, this is about me loving everything on that runway, my fantasy wardrobe...

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