Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't Forget Paris 2014!

I was a fan of the Paris shows.  There were lots of accessories and color palettes that I loved, and there was a lot of play with textures that I really liked and also noticed with the NY shows.  These are some of the looks that stood out to me:

I liked the color combinations that Andrew Gn used: bold and subtle at the same time, and I'm a fan of his Picasso inspired clothing.  I don't always like bold graphicy clothing and accessories, but his color palette softens the whole thing up enough that it works for me.

 Chanel is always good for accessory inspiration.  There's always some acetate involved, and there's always a nice color palette and oddly juxtaposed textures.  I've been watching a lot of Will & Grace lately, and is it wrong that Karl Lagerfeld kind of reminds me of Karen's maid Rosario??
 I'm a fan of the colors/prints/textures used by Dries Van Noten.  Also, I'm noticing lots of gold jewelry and hardware.

 Elie Saab had really beautiful and feminine dresses, I really loved them all and they came in gorgeous colors.
 The Isabel Marant show was nice, she uses the material beautifully, and those shoes are awesome!
 Alexander McQueen show was over the top, but fun to watch.  Sometimes over the top really bothers me.  There was lots of gold on the runway again.

I LOVED the Valentino show.  I think I loved almost every piece.  I love the hair and jewelry too.  Everything was so luxurious and grand, and meticulously put together, and had that whole Cersei Lannister vibe. 

And there you have it!  Need to go design now!!

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