Monday, October 7, 2013

What's Happening

Things have slowed down a bit, and I think we're getting into our groove finally.  I took a few pictures around the place, just to give a little glimpse into some of the things we do here in a day.  Way more to follow, because, there is a whole lot going on here for sure!
 These are the colors I'm feeling for Spring/Summer 2014.  I've been working on a chunky bright group, with the brights on the top of the photograph, and next I will be working on a ladylike pastel group and a neutral group this week.
 One of my favorite moments so far happened two Fridays ago when Lenore, Claudia and I stayed a little late to get some things done.  I had bought a bottle of white wine, and was bummed when I realized we didn't have a wine opener-big peeve of mine!  It's about a 7 minute walk to the stores in Woodside, and I couldn't really waste 15-20 minutes for a bottle opener.  This was back when things were still somewhat in disarray, and Claudia asked-don't we have a tortoise one that you guys made back in the day?  I walked right over to my roll top desk, opened the top drawer and there was our tortoise corkscrew.  Awesome.  It was a small victory, but at that time, victories were few and far between.  Team work: that's what Lisa August is all about. 
 These are the vintage parts I plan on making my one of a kind pieces with, they're out of the bag, and I'm going to begin playing very soon!
 These are our bestselling 2" cuffs in jade and gator drying after being dipped into acetone.  The acetone gives it it's shine, although they usually still get polished after this step.  One side gets dipped, dries, and then the other side gets dipped also.
This is what our chain looks like after getting dipped.  The chain is dipped after it has been assembled.  Dipping the chain seals the links, and then the chain gets tumbled for smoothness and shine.
So there's a little glimpse into what we do here, consider this a mini golden ticket...

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