Thursday, October 10, 2013

How it's Made: Our Filigree Cuff

So, my Uncle Mike helped me make the "master" and the "holder" for our very popular large filigree cuff last week, something I desperately need to understand how to make.  The master and the holder are what we use to engrave out the pattern on our filigree cuff (and really, any of our cutout pieces).  It's very important to get these pieces to come out precise, in order for the bracelet to look good.  The following pictures should help you to see all the work that goes into our filigree cuff, because if you don't know, it's actually quite interesting.
 First you have your box of bracelets that have been tumbled for a week, ready to be engraved.

 While you follow the pattern on the "master"...
You're also cutting the bracelet out in the "holder"...
 There's your finished cutout pattern.
And there's your finished bracelet after we take it downstairs, it gets heat up and hand bent into the cuff shape.

So there's your little look into how our filigree cuff gets made, by hand, all right here in Woodside!

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