Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moving Day 5

So, things are slowly coming along.  I am typing this post at "Woodside" and not from the "factory".  Don't mind me, we've been trying to come up with a name for the building-very important.  So, I sit here at my work area which is one of the few areas that have been worked on upstairs so far.  Downstairs is shaping up, although the electricity and power seem to be an issue, and well, we need it to be up and running, don't we?  Today I have already seen the alarm guy, the gate guy, Verizon and our electricians, still waiting on the movers and it's only 11:30.  It's all hurly burly and exciting, but nerve wracking, and when this is all over, it will only be the beginning! 

Then of course, there's the "factory", and let me tell you, it does not look move out ready.  There's still a lot going on there, no matter how much we seem to sell, throw out or move here.  I'm happy that most of my stuff is out at least. 

THEN, there's the show that we just signed up for that I'll be doing NEXT WEEK!!!  Once we get our booth number, I will write about that, but we are now signed up to do Accessories the Show which runs concurrently with the Coterie show at the Javits, so come say hi!

Let me spruce this post up with some moving documentation below, sorry they are just iphone shots:

The Factory: yes, this is 4 days into the move...SO. Much. Stuff...

Woodside:  The racks that hold all of our plastic went up yesterday (yay!)

STUFF.  Actually in a lot better shape than a few days ago.

Our power presses, the machines that die cut all our pieces, very important!

My work space, right now...

My work space, loving it so far!

Yeah, the upstairs needs work!
So there you have it, this is Lisa August's world right now, it's been interesting/challenging/scary/exciting, just waiting to see what's next!

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