Friday, September 20, 2013

The Longest Day Yet (and maybe week...)

This past Monday was a doozy.  I came to Woodside at 8 or so, this was the first day all our co-workers were coming to see the place for the first time, and this was the first day I wouldn't be here alone dealing with things.  Time for Lisa to share-uh oh!  Everyone was impressed and excited and worked on their workspaces.  We organized and unpacked, and all that good stuff.  At about two o'clock, my brother showed up and we left to go to the Javits center to set up our booth at AccessoriesTheShow.  Yes, Lenore and I  decided to very last minute do the show.  SO, I left the new place to set up a show that would keep me away from the new place until Friday, I wasn't feeling so great about this.

I got to the show with my brother, Vin and when we got to our booth, another vendor had setup his booth in it.  I kind of just numbly stared at him.  With all this non-stop moving for the past few weeks, my mind really kind of just went numb, especially since part of me felt like we weren't really exhibiting at the show after such short notice.  We all went down to the show office, and the booth he had set-up in was ours (because he was told it was his), so the poor guy had to move out.  Other than that, my set-up went well, it was interesting to have my brother help me, and he really did help I must say.

So, Vin and I took the train back to Woodside, and the movers were bringing us the last of our things from the old factory.  Kind of intense to know that the factory was empty, and even more intense to see the state of Fabian's (our mover who felt more like a co-worker for two weeks) truck.  This last of our things was truly the last of our things: the dregs.  Mostly stuff we probably won't need: dusty, messy, unorganized, no room for it, not even sure what some of it was type stuff.  An ENTIRE truck's worth.  So, I jumped onto the truck and let them know: garbage, upstairs or downstairs.  We did this until about 8:30.  I was wondering why my feet hurt so much, and I remembered that whole setting up a show thing happened.  What a day!

At about 7:30, we had to stop to go onto our terrace to take a look at the sunset.  I kind of got a little sentimental, like the sun set on the old factory, but it felt good to be finishing the moving job on the new factory.

We said goodbye to the movers, and Vin and I took Lenore and Sal to Donovan's for some celebratory burgers and pints.  Donovan's is a famous Irish pub in Woodside that is famous for  their burgers, and very deservedly I might add.  For those of you in the area: their wings don't suck either. In fact, they are quite amazing, at least the batches we had.

All in all it was a very busy and long day.  The next morning, I woke up to my alarm at 7, and I wondered why I had set my alarm on a Saturday.  It took me a minute, and I realized my error.  In reality it was Tuesday, and I had a trade show to get to!  Pretty much sums up how things have been lately.  So here I am, it's Friday, my first day back to the new place, I'm very happy to be here, feels very new and strange but in a good way.  The show was decent, and now it's time to start!

The Booth after set-up. Sometimes, at a show we use caution tape to keep people out.  It's fool proof I tell you!
The Sunset on our Terrace

A little more set

Haha, I noticed this sign on the last day of the show.  Late Arrivals: Lisa August.  That's priceless, considering everything has been late with Lisa August, but I think things will finally take a turn in our favor!
Sorry no burger picture to post, I ate it without thinking!

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