Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On With The Show

This past weekend was our first trade show as Lisa August Inc.  A very exciting time for us! It would have been nice for there to have been a little more traffic at the show, but our feet are officially wet.  We were at the ENK Accessories Circuit at the Javits Center, and it was very interesting to be there as Lisa August instead of Bellissima.  We had some wonderful reactions from most people, who were excited to see we are still here after a year of not doing the shows.  Some reactions were unexpected, like the people who thought we took over or bought out Bellissima.  We kind of just became Lisa August, or we like to say: Bellissima had a baby, we named it Lisa August.  Some of my favorite reactions were questioning looks, and then people saying hey, wait, this is Bellissima!  Then I would step in and say, still us, just a little different! That's really the best way to describe how we've been feeling: still us, just a little different.

 It was great seeing all who came, and we look forward to seeing more of you at the gift show in two weeks!  We'll be at the Javits again in personal accessories, booth#: 8650.  August 18-21.

It was nice to see Lisa August's name up there for the first time.  We do this show through Yvette Fry Showroom, located in Manhattan, where they permanently display our full line and work by appointment only.

The Booth all set up!

Our back table and the posters I made for the show

Our cute little necklace display.  Thinking about doing a full wall of these in January.

Me and the line!

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