Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Shows Will Go On

I love the holidays, well, most things about the holidays: the lights, cheesy movies, gift giving, Christmas songs, ALL the food-but it's all very tiring when you're trying to juggle the rest of your life, while not spending all your money, fighting off colds and holiday expectations.  It's also usually the most stressful time at work for me, designing the new Spring/Summer line, photographing it for the catalogs, etc.  No matter how long I've been doing this, this time of year always creeps up on me.  THEN there's New Year's: UGH.  By that time, I'm completely exhausted and can't wear clothes because I don't fit into any of them.  So, while I've been thinking I need to just get through the holidays, I realized recently what kind of January (and February) it's going to be.  

Without further adieu, I present to you the:
Lisa August Trade 2014 Show Schedule

ENK Accessory Circuit
January 6-8
Pier 94
Booth #: 3107

Atlanta Gift Show
January 9-13
America's Mart Building 3, 4th Floor Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
Booth #: 4-1918

NY NOW (NY Gift Show)
February 2-6
Javits Center : Personal Accessories
Booth#: 8622

You may have noticed that we are going to be in Atlanta this year.  We thought it was best considering Super Bowl Sunday being in New York on the same day NY NOW opens, we may not be as busy as one would want.  I do plan to tailgate in the booth that day if you plan on coming!

I know this sounds like a complainy post, and I'm really not upset, I just want to get through it all!  I'm very excited to show the new line off, and I think it will have a great reception.  First line designed at headquarters!

So, enjoy your holidays all, and come see us in 2014!!!

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