Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Week Before Christmas At Lisa August

Historically I spend my last week at work before Christmas fighting a cold, setting up the line, working on last minute styles, laying it out for the shows, making sure the catalogs are being printed and shipped on the proper dates, and of course discussing food for our work Christmas party. 

So far that was all happening like always, but we've also had some glitches in our plans.  Last night I was supposed to help Lenore put her tree up after work like I always do, and instead we found ourselves at Lisa August until about 11:30 while National Grid tried to fix oh just a minor gas leak issue in the street right in front of the building, that's basically only effecting our building.  Of course!  Why not? So, they're still out there, it's over 36 hours now, and nothing really has been fixed.  Our gate and windows are open to air out the smell of gas, and of course it's been a cold and snowy two days weather wise.

As for our food, it was decided today that we aren't doing our usual pernil, oven roast chicken, rice and beans and maduros, which is upsetting, because I look forward to that meal all year.  For a new change we are doing it up Woodside style and getting burgers and wings from Donovan's.  We'll drink Micheladas and Sangria, and everything will be just fine.

If this year taught me anything it's that change is good, so I can deal because hey,  it's the most wonderful time of the year:)

Here's a little sneak peek at the Spring/Summer 2014 line, and my show prep...
The Bright Table: Chunky bangles, chains and hoops in marbelized brites.
Our peach, black and tokyo table-I LOVE it!!!
Our neutral table-torquoise and lite horn are back!!!

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