Friday, December 6, 2013

Vintage Button Necks

For the past few days I have been playing with the bags of old vintage parts (mostly buttons) from the 80s that I packed up and took with me in the move.  I've been wanting to find time to play with the pieces, so when I knew I had a trunk show at Lockwood Thursday, December 5th, I decided to take some time out to make necklaces.

The necklaces are fun and really funky.  Not everyone is going to wear one, but I feel like anyone can appreciate them, especially if you have a penchant for bold, over the top jewelry-very popular in the 80s.

 I look forward to creating more pieces, particularly cuff bracelets, but here are some examples of the necks, which I plan on selling on the retail site, most likely they will go live next week, when I have a little free time!

 I put the more black-toned necks on silver chain, and the browner, more tortoisy necks on gold chain.
I love this one, my friend Lydia described it as Long Islandy, and yes, although I'm not always super proud of it, I did grow up in Long Island, so I'm ok with that description!  I meant for it to be ironic, but I think it's still pretty.  I may just end up keeping it!
 I love the faux malachite in this necklace, and I think this may be the most 'wearable' of the necks, adding tortoise to any piece usually tones down the bold factor.
I like this red piece, it has a little 80s mod thing going on, and it's perfect for a black outfit.
This was the first neck I did the other day.  I think it's probably the most simple one, I love the button in the center.  That is one of my favorite 'old colors' that they don't make anymore that I wish I could use in the line, it's really stunning.

I also decided it was high time Lisa August Inc. joined instagram, so this was my first post:
 Pretty Cute!

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